Thank you for all the wonderful recommendations, especially regarding nutrition.  The services, advice, and care that you provide are unmatched in the world of health, nutrition, and medicine! – Christi D.


I feel like a completely different person compared to last month. It’s amazing. – Jen K.


Dr. Liz is my health guru.  She gave me alternative options for dealing with my medical issues and probably saved my life! She taught me that there are natural alternatives for EVERYTHING – medicine, food, etc.  She helped me understand that our bodies are perfect machines and if we put the right stuff into them they will function as such. – Santina M.


I would definitely recommend Dr. Liz to anyone who is searching for a better way to guide their family in healthy eating. – Kate H.


I feel amazing! Best I’ve felt in YEARS! – Lynn G.


Thank you Dr. Montgomery for providing Holistic Pelvic Care. Seeking to help others develop their divine femininity, I need to continue developing mine! Holistic Pelvic Care helps unblock energy and tension held in our pelvic bowl, allowing a woman’s creative fire to flow. Thank you for teaching women how to reclaim their power, spirit, and joy! – P.S.


Dr. Montgomery has been a breath of fresh air for me. I am so tired of conventional doctors passing out pills like a pez dispenser. Dr. Montgomery took time with me to go over so many things. It was truly appreciated and I feel like I am on a good path with a knowledgeable doctor. Highly recommended! – Erin K.


Dr. Liz is a fantastic ND, highly knowledgeable, she has excellent experience and background, and a kind and creative approach her medicine. Two thumbs up! – Jenny K.


Go see Dr. Liz Orchard. I suffer from an autoimmune disease in which I have a lot of arthritic pain. I’ve seen other doctors over the years but experienced no positive results. When I met with Dr. Orchard she put me on a comprehensive plan to attack the problem. Six months later the majority of my pain is gone, I feel great, I’ve lost weight and it was all done naturally. I couldn’t be more pleased. – Tom G.